Hepatocellular carcinoma

A 79 y/o male was diagnosed with 2.7 cm single small Hepatocellular carcinoma 5 years back. 8 sessions of treatment was done. On follow up CT scan it showed multiple recurrent lesions were seen in the liver. The underlying hepatic disease was compensated liver cirrhosis. The DCP level had increased to 978 mAU/ml, alpha-fetoprotein was 9.9 mg/dl. What is your opinion on this?



As 5 years back 2.7 cm single small Hepatocellular carcinoma was diagnosed. Instead of 8 sessions of treatment- a partial hepatectomy should have been done . Now - considering liver cirrhosis and multiple hepatic metastasis - the prognosis is poor . Only palliative chemotherapy can be given

Cirrhosis of liver is precancerous condition Recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma was expected Raised DCP suggest hepatocellular carcinoma Multiple lessons suggest that it may be inoperable Adv MRI of liver PET CT to look for extra hepatic disease Biopsy to confirm diagnosis He may need palliative chemotherapy Poor prognosis need to be explained and counseling to be done


Recurrence small cell hepatic carcinoma not a good sign a/w liver cirrhosis Alpha fetoproteins are high He may require deep panetrating radiotherapy

Hepatocellular carcinoma... go for biopsy and Oncologist’s opinion for further management.

Hepatocellular CA. CA19-9, CEA , biopsy . PET CT Onchologist opinion Chemotherapy

I do agree with Dr Praveen Yograj.

Ca Liver

Fibroscan of liver USG/ CT guided liver biopsy

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