Here is an ECG of a male who showed up in ED with complaints of Pain chest since 2 hrs...what his ECG shows

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1) severe sinus tachycardia 2) electrical alternance seen. 3) low voltage QRS in all leads 4) clinical examination--poor auscultationof hs. 5) 2decho 4) if significant fluid --percardial tapping &send the sample to lab .accordomg to the lab repord treat the patient --higher antibiotic or akt

sinus rhythm 120 bpm axis about 60 degree low voltage ecg in almost leads electrical alterans prominent in lateral leads. massive pericardial effusion as from ecg it is interpreted that swings more in medio lateral direction and less change in position in anterio posterior and superio inferior direction

Electrical alternance.. pericardial effusion is likely...

Electrical alternans due to massive pericardial effusion.

Low voltage S.Tachy. Electrical ulternans Pericardial effusion

Low voltage complexes,s.tachycardia Adv. Cx to r/o Emphysema /pneumothorax_ most likely diagnosis T3T4TSH to r/o Severe HYPOTHYROIDISM 2DECHO to r/o Pericardiac effusion

Dear dr Hardik , let us know d right ans.

Electrical alternans... Low voltage.. R/o.. Pericardial effusion?

Synus tachycardia low voltage Echo 2D/M ? pericardial effusion

Electrical alternans, no relation to pain, no ischemia

Sinus Ta chycardia Electrical alternate SAGGING ST segment V5 V6

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