here is old age patient 65 year old with complain of redness on the genitalia since 8 days his second complain was pain in knee joint since 10 years he is diabetic with no history of hypertension please suggest the diagnosis and management


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Scrotum - Dermatitis nutritional allergic Balanoposthitis - Candidial .uncontrolled diabetes .use of potent Topical Steroid Treatment - - evaluation of diabetic status -Complete hemogram - Topical antifungal - systemic antifungal and b- complex

Candidial Balanoposthitis pink or red rash, which may be smooth or scaly, spotty or patchy,Redness, swelling and tenderness of the glance and prepuce, discharge or oozingItching and discomfort .In severe cases, it may be difficult to retract the foreskin (phimosis). Rx Sytemic and topical antifungal. Antihistaminic. Topical mild steroid. Antibiotic. In severe cases which leads to phimosis needs dorsal slit or circumsion.

@Ahmed Latiwala Circinate balanitis, probably. due to DM.& associated with Reactive arthritis. Rule out: Fixed drug eruption (particularly with sulfonamides and tetracycline). Balanitis xerotica obliterans/lichen sclerosus. Zoon's balanitis (plasma cell infiltration); a benign, idiopathic condition presenting as a solitary, smooth, shiny, red-orange plaque of the glans and prepuce of a middle-aged to older man.



Candidial balanoposthitis



Circumcission...antibiotics.and .analgesics may be needed...