35 year old female c/o: ulcers around lips, since last month. Itching present. h/o: similar lesions in 2018. Healed on medications( cannot recall probably antibiotics) ruled out stomatitis and HSV reports yet to arrive. Advices 1.soframycin ointment 2. cetrizine 5 3.B complex supplements 4.Folic Acid supplements. . please advice on the treatment..



Herpes labilis Acyclovir oint locally Acyclovir cap 400 mg 4 times daily High protein diet Antioxidants orally

Thank you sir..

Yes verruca labialis Tab valcycolovir 500mg 1bd Locally acyclovir oint Tab azithromycin250mg 1od Multivitamins supplements

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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HERPES labialis treat with Tab Acuvir 800 five times daily ointment Acuvir apply locally twice Cap Becosule one daily

Thank you sir..

Herpes labialis Tab. Acyclovir 400mg QID Tab. Levocet 5mg bid Acivir oint for locally applie Tab. Multivitamin

Herpes labialis. Rx. Tab. Acivior 400 mg tid Harperex cream locally Anti oxidant

Verruca liablais Ointments Nutritional diet Antioxidants Multivitamins

H.labialis.topical and oral acyclovir.

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