Herpes Progenitalis

42 years old married with lesions since 1 week Diagnosis and management



Herpes progenalis Rx tab acyclovir 800mg five times a dayfor 7days andand apply acycloviroint 5timesper day for 7days+tab Azithromycin500mg1odx5days add analgesics review after 7days

You are right , sir I have put the patient on acyclovir tab and acyclovir ointment and patient is responding

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Balanoposthitis Locally luliconazole Orally t. Terbinaforce od 14 day Cap doxy bid 14 days

Herpes infection treat with acyclovir ointment and antibiotic cover

d/d - Balanoposthitis, Chancre, herpes

D.diagnosis herpes ,balanoposthitis

Rupture of frenam of penis@

Candidal balanoposthitis

Dear dr sanjoy just zoom the picture what is your base for candiasis

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Camdidial balanitis

Candida balanitis


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