Hf cow 6month pregnant with warts on teat and udder.treated with

HF cow 6month pregnant with warts on teat and udder.treated with anthiomaline autohemotherapy weekly once for 5weeks.homeopathy treatment.but no 100%regresion.expert advice pls

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In aseptic condition aspirate20ml bood from jugular vein and give it i/m ly repeat it after 20 days you can see the result

Autoimmune therapy( 15-20 ml blood collect from jugular vein and inject intra muscularly in the same animal) repeat it 7 days interval with Thuja 200x 20 drops BID orally and Thuja ointment apply locally

Use Acyclovir preparations for topical application aling with this use Levamisole @ 5mg/kg Bwt(immuno modulator dose)

whats use of levamisole at this case

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Just collect 20ml of blood from jugular vein in 20 ml syringe asepticaly and inject immediately by I/m route

hemotherapy done weekly for 5times but no result

let her deliver the calf first after that Use inj. Anthiomaline @4mg per kg deep I/m route. on day 1, 4th and 8th. Give chlorpheneramine maleate inj. 10 minutes before all this. very good results.

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Thuja 200pills bid for 30days Costicum 30days for 30days Thuja cream apply over affected area,

wt dont u try autovaccine therapy...in case if homeopathy n autohemotherapy failed...

pls provide procedure of autoimmune therapy

procedure uploaded for autogenous vaccine as discussed above

Thanks Dr

Autoimmune therapy with thuza orraly as well as topical thuza ointment will give good result...I have treated so many cases with this.

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