congenital anomalies of foetus

HF cross heifer delivered foetus with mild traction in postirear presentation. Chief Complaints Is it parrot mouth condition?



it looks that the foetus is dead, it died after removal or prior to removal is not forthcoming , any how in a posterior presentation it is very much important the position of the foetus whether the dorsum of it is ventral to abdomen or the dorsum of the foetus is to the dorsum dam, if the dorsum of the foetus is ventral that has to be brought to dorsal aspect n to apply quick traction the delay in traction of the foetus may cause the death of the foetus in this type of presentation n posture, quick correction n quick traction n releasing dystocia gives best results n time taken in releasing any case of dystocia is at most important.

Live foetus

Yes.. Distokiya??

No Normal delivery

Develop mental Anamolies,


Thank you doctor

Dystocia uterine torsion

Normal delivery

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