Hi curofians, This is the case of DYE REACTION leads to severe CONTACT DERMATITIS. Please share your views and pons and cons of the dyes and its ingredients. Why some people are sensitive for these? Any PPD free dyes in the market? Start this debate?

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PPD causes Allergic contact dermatitis .It also causes cross sensitization. It may disseminate and affect distant parts of body even systemic involvement. It causes hyperpigmentation of face frequently. It also causes chronic urticaria. Beside POD there is Ammonia . Peroxide as developer of colour which also causes aggravation of dermatitis.

Sorry it was incomplete. Those who are sesitized to PPD will be sensitized for long and even they will suffer aggravation following contact with black colour usually containing Ppd which are used in daily life. Pure Herbal or plant extract hair colour is free of PpD. These contain mainly Indigo and henna. Very few persons may have Allergy to henna but that also only itching and eruption for short period. Indigo may cause headache for few hours. So this type of Hair colour are safe for Allergic and also for non Allergic persons who want to use safe hair colour. It has some disadvantages It has to be applied in thick like Henna and a shower Cap to be worn after completion of application and to be kept for minimum one hour and will be better if two hours.After that it should be washed with tap water only no shampoo or oil for three days as development of colour by oxidation will take place for 48 hours for which Sunny weather will be most helpfull. It does not cause instant colour . Colour develop within few hours and complete within 48 hours. Development of colour vary from person to person depending upon the type of cortext of the hair shaft. Some companies came with type of products such as AMA Vegetal Hair colour and Later Alkem came with the same . But due to unprectible development of colour it was not popular. Moreover availability was poor beside high price. I am using a brand NUVOTONE INSTA HAIR COLOUR marketed by NUVONATURAL Kolkatta based company.Only available at Kolkata .You can visit there site www.nuvonaturals.in Most of the companies declared that their Product is PpD free still some pt suffered so there are chances that for commercial popularity they may be adding PpD in small amount. It is a very difficult situation for pts or persons and doctors . Let us try to find out the ways . I am working in this field with my wife.

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Thank you Doctors for your valueble info. Thanks Dr.Sankar Kumar for feedback and good info of dye reactions. Here the visual shows edematous inflammatory patches on scalp and external aspects of eyes and patient was getting these signs and tingling sensation, feeling unwell within 36 hours of applying dye. So it could be CONTACT DERMATITIS due to dye. PPD, resorcinol, ammonia and peroxide are used in the various dyes. Here main ingredient PPD..ParaPhenyleneDiamine will give rise to this problem. Already Dr. Sankar Kumar Das given detailed history of PPD. Thanks once again your info doctor. Treatment: 1) Use sebowash ( contains fluocinolone acetonide) and salicylic acid lotion shampoo will wash off all the dye and minimise the effects of dye. 2) stop using Hair dyes further. 3) Tab fexofenadine 180 mg daily night. 4) If tender at scalp area short term antibiotics may be beneficial. 6) Hydrocortisone application on scalp and inflammatory area.

See the result of the same patient

@Dr. P.kishore Kumar -sir hair dye mostly contains hydrogen peroxide & ammonia. It's natural some burning sensation after dye but severe burning : itching & inflammation is allergic reaction of dye due to chemicals by which first hair break & after skin breaks down causing allergic contact dermatitis. After applying hair colour it should rinse out from skin also .

Allergic dermatitis


Same patient after treatment.

Allergic dermatitis

I agree with Dr.S.K.Das.

This typ of sensitivity occurs due to oxidetive chemical p-Phenylenediamine All types of herbal dyes is PPD free Ex-Dr.batras herbal cream clr dye

All type of herbal or none herbal more or less have sensitivity