Hi doctors ,one 55yrs old female patient with complaints of severe right leg pain since one month.doppler study shows atherosclerotic lesion in ATA PTA.... plz @advice me Treatment and management



Rule out dm and htn and cholestrol level and give low molecular heparin

Tab.Ecosprin 75mg Cap.evion400mg

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PAD; cap.cilistazol 100 mg bd; Tab.Atorvastatin 10 mg; ; physiotherapy; lifestyle modification; if no relief then refer to vascular surgeon

The condition of this pt is equivalent to CAD Same pathophysiology and same presentation Same management meaning either the medicines to dissolve the atherosclerotic clot as we give ih cardiac pt or artery grafting If i would have been vascular surgeon i would have gone for stenting

Start with ecosprin and statins.

Sir In this case Physio aim is to reduce pain.Tens to relieve pain.rule out cholesterol levels and B.P.

Hi mam thanx for your valuable advise but lipids are with in Norma limits. But still I kept her on Atrova 10mg

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She has pain while walking or at rest also; if non smoker do lipid profile and treat dyslipidemia., do an angiogram and treatment as needed. If pain at rest also search for causes like pivd, oa of joints etc.

Direction Rt. Legs. Climaxis or menopause. Pain. Pulse 200 One dose dry and wait. PULSE stood in all rubrics as bold remedy. Ask about thirst...... Patient must be thirstless.

pls refer to vascular surgeon...

Opinion of vascular surgeon is required

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As there are atherosclerotic changes in arteries only so the patient need early treatment , check lipid profile and start treatment for increased lipids . In Diet , *Restrict the fat rich foods, cheese, meat and take more leafy vegetables and fruits. * Start the physiotherapy for increasing arterial circulation. As per ayurveda, the treatment is *Sweden * Medohar Guggulu 2 BD *Dashmool Kwash 10 ml once a day

role out DM, HTN, Dyslipidemia if present treat. stop smoking tobacco and alcohol. Give cila stazol, statin, antiplatelets, observe if not improving go for DSA and may req. intervention refer to Vascular Surgeon

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