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Hi doctors, this is my case. I have been suffering with this which i am thinking to be lymph nodes enlargement. It all started with pain and swelling bilaterally, i took augmentin and some anti-inflammatory. The swelling subsided but a hard tender lump is now formed unilaterally and been there for a week now. The mouth opening has also reduced. What could it be?? Dont have an opg yet.


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Dr .Shalini, some times we as doctors take things lightly. To me looks secondary infective lymphadenitis with antibioma formation or an abscess . I advise to get a F.NA C done and if pus comes out send for cytology and Gene- X- pert examination. Continue cefuroxime 500mg + linezolid 300 mg B.D for 7days along with chymoral forte. If F.NAC is doubtful, get a CECT done

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CT neck. Deep neck space infection suspected

Submandibular swelling

Get an opg. And a sialogram. Mostly submandibular swelling. Will need excision if lump persists

It could be a submandibular swelling or tubercular or just an antibioma. please go for a FNac. stop antibiotics in the interim.

It's hard to tell without opg or intra oral examination..Take 7 days course of antibiotic analgesic metrogyl TDs with multivitamin and chlorhexidine mouth wash..

Any intraoral findings dr?

Are there any intraoral finding? Like recurrent pericornitis due to wisdom tooth, tonsillitis,pharangitis.

Nothing, had tonsilitis in the initial one or two days. But it subsided. And this lump formed.

It's infection. It will gradually subside. Take Metrogyl 44 with Augmentin 625 , both TID

@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana

Sorry, our friend is suffering... Tonsillitis & the routine antibiotics responding well, followed by only one lymph node swelling. Sounds nothing much serious... Yet get some time for yourself, get 2 best opinions of ENT & General Surgeon by today. It's not easy to treat own self. Take care @Dr. Shalini Singh mam. I'll keep in touch.
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