Hi,guys.new to curofy. what could be the prognosis of 46.?does it require bone grafting?



I don't think there will be a need for bone grafting ,go for rct. Just make sure the swelling or the abscess in the furcation area should not be present at time of obturation bcoz it will later on lead to a failed RCT due to recurrent swelling..deep scaling if perio pocket is deep around 46and47. Good luck.

thanks.deep scaling is done. no swelling. no deep pockets.

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hello doc.....very good prognosis of this tooth. just do rct and capping with good margin( which dont worsen periodontal index). regards

sir, but does flap require? there is pain after completing rct.

bone grafting is required when there is peeiodontal bone loss.. from the radiograph u can visualize nd compare that there is not significant loss to go for as grafting. caries is near to the pulp so RCT is req followed by crown. compare the deceased tooth radiograph part with that of normal neighboring tooth nd u will clear ur all doubts..best luck dear

1. always take full length xray...so that the xray shows full anatomy of it.... 2. if it nt mobile, yes prognosis is good... check after the first bmp whether it's still mobile or not..... good luck

Endo perio lesion Drain abscess Root planing Pocket >5mm no need to go for flap surgery Acess opening Open dressing Calcium Hydrogen dressing Rct proper Crown

Good prognosis if bone grafting is done.

Rct with calcium hydroxide dressing will give you best prognosis. No need of grafting

pt having pa in mesial root still pain mild common till 15 days if severe pain I would like to see rcf

Plan the flap surgery ....do a good endo first ....

furcation involment?? what is age of patient? whether tooth is mobile?

age is 50yrs.tooth is not mobile.furcation is not visible clinically, not so much gingival recession.

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