covid positive mother with 2month old baby

Hi, Mother of 2 months baby, covid positive and HRCT -corads 5 , c/o fever (100) , mild cough with sputum and loss of smell since 1 week. no breathlessness. Spo2 :98 Can she still be manageable with home isolation? If so pls advice what medications would be safe for her as she is feeding her baby. as of now, she is taking Taxim-o and multivitamins. Thanks !


Postnatal mother COVID POSITIVE with CORAD score of 5 Yes she can be managed at self quarantine if regular followup and monitoring is possible All possibilities of vertical transmission of infection to baby and needs to investigate baby too So far mx is concerned Domiciliary adv Self quarantine Masking of face Sanitizing every thing every now and than Keeping social distancing Allow breast feeding to baby and let baby be with mother with vigilance of monitoring of temp of baby Medication Fepinavir 200mg 9tabs(1800)mg bd for 1st day followed by 4tab(800)mg bd from next day for 14days Dolo 650mg 1tds Tab azithromycin 500mg 1od for 5days Tab Cefuroxime 500mg 1bd Rest of supportive treatment to be considered in steps as monitoring and followup investigations guide Keep fingers crossed of shifting to hospital ICU as condition demands For baby only calpol syp is to be considered nothing more is needed

Thank you doctor

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