hi rct done by other dentist 1 year back37 pain on chewing got his 38 extracted 2 months back.pain while chewing

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can't say it's bcoz of that broken file, by looking at the pattern of the lesion...... repeat the rct for now, avoid surgery .... keep monitoring.....

Root abscess is developing, advised antibiotics & analgesics.

Take tooth out of occlusion... wait and watch... if still pain do re-rct with multiple caoh dressings... if pain still persists then go for periapical surgery..

Symptoms are due to broken file beyond apex .. But uṛe saying that she got it treated 1 year back.. Was it asymptomatic all this while?? When did the symptoms start?? I guess, u should go for surgical removal of the broken instrument. U should ensure proper position and size of the instrument prior to surgery.. Preferably CBCT.

nah highly unlikely that symptoms r due to separated instrument. deobturate just and see. before any decision of surgery.

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Periapical abscess Root canal treatment

broken file is the cause

wat can b done for broken file

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I think slight pocket is also present on the distal surface of the tooth curettage should also be done as their is bone loss also and then if pain persist then go for re rct along with disoccluding the tooth and apicosectomy should be the last option

no need of surgery as of now. go for cbct if u want, otherwise deobturate and clean with ultrasonic agitation of irrigant and use lot of irrigant seems to be a cshaped like canal. do apical prep with mesial canal and obturate with lateral condensation using resin sealer or caoh based sealer. don't think about separated instrument now. u will be auccessful

consult endodontist. periapical surgery should be performed. quick intervention is necessary as alveolar canal passing nearby.

i agree with you Dr.Rohit....Re rct following deocclusion of the tooth..multiple calcium hydroxide dressing. ..radiographic evaluation for lesion to subside...and then completion of endodontic therapy...and prosthesis...

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don't do anything . just disocclude the tooth and leave it . the thing is that he doesn't have no. 7 all the chewing pressure is on no. 6 . disocclude it . prescribe him serratiopeptidase 10mg 3 times for 3 days . he will be OK .

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