High Cholesterol levels

Patient age 47 years male Chief complaints-- Cholesterol levels high from about 5 years, Patient also suffering from cholelithiasis Sometimes patient awakes in night at that times there is perspiration on face,at that time patient became anxious. Thirst normal Cravings normal Perspiration++ Appetite normal Atmospheric normal Respected doctors advice for DX& Rx.



Dx Cholelithiasis , High TSH & High Cholesterol ??? Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS May be Helpful

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Patient in stress and fear...that's why this ailment....neee dscounsellingcalmnesssymphony music lime juice...home people have to boost his morale... more fibre.... muskmelon pomegranat es alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages.... beetroot coriander juice sweet potato purple cabbage cabbage juice orange juice broccoli cauliflower.... cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval cucumber ginger garlic little onions walnuts blue berries sunshine walk prayers....under strict supervision of Doctor

This is all due to metabolic disorders, Change your diet , take more fibre daily walk for 30 minutes , stop Fatty fried foods and meat you can have Smoked fish , Allium sativum 15 drops thrice a day for three months , deep breathing exercise in morning ,belly fat to be reduced

In cholelithiasis BERBERIS VULGARIS, CARDUUS MARIANUS, FEL TAURI in Q or lower potencies maybe useful according to symptoms. For high cholesterol level CRATAEGUS can be thought of. And symptom "perspiration on face" indicates CALCAREA CARB. Select accordingly. Thanks for sharing the case.

DX Cholelithiasis RX Calcaria carb 1 M monthly × 3 dose Cholestrinum 3 X TDs

Sepia may be indicated

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Crategeus mother tincture 20 drops mix in half cip of water n take thrice a day Cholestrinum3x daily three dose R7 liver n gall bladder drop twice a day

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