High Ferritin and D Dimer

A lady patient. Chronic asthmatic,developed swelling of knee and leg. Was advised Covid, Ferritin and D-Dimer tests. She turned out to be Covid negative. But the other two readings are very high. Kindly advice.

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For breathing on conitum naples Adrenaline for the crowd Aralia racemosa for chest tightness Bromium for spasmodic cough Ariodictin californicum for wheezing Eucalyptus globulus for fear of mucus Phosphorus for chest limbs Trifolium pratense for irritation

Dr thanks. Please tell me under which contest shall I use your suggestions.

SFerritin increase in Iron deficiency anaemia

Thank you doctor

D-Dimer is commonly high in DIC,Pulm.Embolism.

Dr thanks. Kindly advice treatment.

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