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it's a case of cellulitis with necrotizing fascitis,, either badly treated or the negligence of the patient. First R/O Diabetes, order CBP with ESR,RFT,Culture, Sensitivity. Go for liberal Slough excision, meticulous wound debridement, liberal fasciotomy,clear off the debris, keep the margins healthy, use only normal saline for irrigation, never use spirit, hydrogen peroxide. Start either cefaperazone 2 g plus salbactum 1 g or piprracillin 4 g plus tazobactum 500 mg iv bd parenterally, linezolid 600 mg infusion bd, netromycin 200 mg iv bd, Metrogyl infusion tid or ornidazole infusion bd daily for at least for 10 days,see the prognosis, act accordingly, u certainly get best results.

Patient age,History of smoking,How peripheral pulsation are? Greenish slough on ulcer base, Ulcer margins are necrotic.Rule out PVD ;Ask for HIV ,CBC,Take tissue for culture &sensitivity and for histopathological examination Till then clean &dress with Ointment Povidine Iodine give Tab Amoxyclave 625 1 TDS+ Tab Linezolid 600 mg 1 BD

necrotizing fascitis

unattended, careless injury causing necrotizing fascitis .

I had such patient

Rule out tuberculosis.


necrotising fascitis or rule out vasculitis

cellulitis with pseudomonas

Diabetic ulcer Needs Vranasodhana and Vrana Ropana.Vrana Sodhana means debridement with Thriphala kashayam dressing with Dressol oil

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