Hit by autorikshaw,c/o b/l severe chest pain and mild breathlessness,. Is there pneumothorax with multiple rib fracture n left clavicle

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Bil basal heziness seen. Possibly lung contusion Left sided pneumothorax Left clavicle fractured. Costochondral junction overlap,mimiking fracture left ribs. Ofcourse needs clinical correlation. Better to repeat cxray. Sos left ICD. Figure 8 bandage . oxygen support, analgesics and supportive care.

Respected sir there is also fracture in anterior part of ribs in left side 3rd possibly. We have to go for HRCT for better findings. This is MLC case According to findings

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Lots of artefacts, like calcific dots are seen. Left Cleveland fracture . Fracture multiple ribs on left side . Bil basal lung contusions ? Left hemopneumothorax Suggest CT

Multiple rib #s bilateral #lt clavicle Pneumothorax lt side Bilateral basal congestion suggestive hemothorax

Rib fracture Fracture clavicle Pneumothorax Contusion lung Icd Fig 8 bandage

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