Homeo. Dr's Prescribe Homeo. remedies to cases of Ayur./Unani Dr's. How it helps Ayur./Unani Dr's?




I dont things so Any other pathy understand homoeopathic science becoz many homoeopathic dr who learn homoeopathy for more then 5 yrs they didnt understand and practice allopathy so a person who never learn homoeopathy and also have skill of another pathy Why priscribe homoepathic medicine.... And

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With our medicines, their medicines can be given at intervals

Are they trained to understand the action of homoeopathic medicines??

They should contact with registered homoeopath to discuss their case for homoeopathic prescription

Any doctor prescribing any other pathy medicines than the one he is registered for, to the patient is an Offence. So what will they do by consulting the registered homoeopathic practitioner's and his prescription?

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