Homeopathic management in a case of type 2 diabetes mellitus

Dr. Chief Complaints Patient having burning in both soles and flanks Agg - evening Amel - applying cold water Loss of appetite Pain was present in whole body is of shifting character. Burning micturition during urination Irritable Religious Orthodox History An accident was happened to him resulting cutting of the right hand Vitals B.P.- 124/84 mmHg Pulse - 76/min R R. - 19/min Physical Examination Reflexes were normal There was no swelling Investigations HbA1C - 11% 2D-ECHO - tricuspid regurgitation T4- 11.5 (H) T3 - 0.95 ug/dl (L) Diagnosis Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Management Sugar free diet was advised Advised to walk after dinner Acid Phos 30/tds was given


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Need to evaluate from mental generals, take psychological and mental generals that you help to give correct similimum.

Acid Phos 30/tds was prescribed Sulphur was also thought. Thank you doctor

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