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Homeopathic usefulness of Aconite Napellus

Aconite Napellus is a wonderful homeopathic remedy used for various disorders. Learn & enhance your knowledge on the homeopathic usefulness of Aconite Share your views & follow us for more such updates!



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The symptoms in aconite patients come like a sudden storm. All homoeopathic medicines must be given based on totality.

Thank you Dr. @Sachendra Raj , Dr. Utkarsh Arya

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I had given it to a migrant worker howling with pain due to threatened abortion. The bleeding indicated that it was too late to save baby. Termination was later peaceful.

Once in my dispensary came a middle aged man holded by his wife & children. He was a govt: employe working in PWD department. Yesterday evening he came home from the work site & slept. Early morning he woke up to note down work details in his office file. But he didn't have the flie in his home, found to be missing. That was an important file of the dept :. Within no time he was in a stage of panic. He sits, stands. searching everywhere and the man seems headlost. I realised that he was in a panic situation. In the dispensary my staff not yet reached . I searched for Aconite - 1m... but got Aconite - 200. ( 10 or 12 drops mixed in 4 spoonful of water. ) Repeated every 10minutes. After the 3'rd spoon the patient started to calm down & within 2 hours he was much better and went to his office with a relative to report...

Thank you Curofy for encouraging homoeopathic medicines usefulness in this high time especially. Please keep posting. Very well presented for all of us

Most important symptoms of Aconite Napellus.Any acute and sudden disease conditions may be treated like sudden pain, sudden fear, sudden anxiety,fear due to sudden accident or trauma etc. Anxiety,fear and restlessness are more predominant in Aconite.

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उत्तम जानकारी के लिए आभार व्यक्त करता हूं।

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