Homeopathic usefulness of Sepia Officinalis

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Can be given to any person irrespective of age and gender when the mental and physical state matches. When we overcome such limited view of our medicines, we can see wonderful cures happening around us. Have used it in a teenager boy as a cure for skin complaints, which also improved his involvement and interaction with the family.

Thank you @Dr. Nirmal Singh , @Dr. Ram Raj Tiwary

Very imp medicine..Giving in cases of discolaration of skin ( pityriasis ).10M. I myself was cured for white small patches on arms.Even treated black lips in adults .With complimentary Nat mur. .Severe nausea with dizziness..Debility cases also getting cured.YESTERDAY ONE CASE OF DEBILITY ONLY .I hour back phoned me & told she is much better with the powder.

Have used in pityriasis in 200.potemcy&.is.very.usefull.

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An important polycrest of our materia medica. I have cured infertility in a young woman with this remedy. Graphites is the partial antidote in obese ppl if it modifies aversion to milk as desire for it. Merc Sol is another partial antidote if perspiring is not improved

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Sepia is a good Remedy for Female Menopause Syndrome Long Duration Excessive Bleeding Excellent Result Doctor.

It's a good remedy for Female especially in Menopausal Syndrome.

Indifference is the peculiar syphilitic of it

Nice informative post Doctor

For skin complaints

Indifferent to those loved best.Bearing down sensation as if the uterus will fall down,so crosses limbs.Gret sadness with weeping.

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