Homoeopathic Remedies for Dental Complaints....

ABSCESS Belladonna – Best used for early dental abscess accompanied by redness and throbbing. Bryonia – Use for acute inflammation or if pricking pain is relieved by firm pressure. Hepar Sulphuris – Use for abscess accompanied by pus formation. Myristica – Use when swelling is accompanied by numbness of the area. Pulsatilla – Use when the pain is accentuated by heat and relieved by cold water. Pyrogenum – Use when pus is present without drainage. Silicea – Use to hasten the discharge when pus is draining. APPREHENSION Aconite – Use for panic, fright, and general mental and physical restlessness, or sudden violent attacks. Calcarea carbonica – Use for the fearful, weary, and hopeless person who worries toward evening. Coffea cruda (potentized coffee) – Works well as a tranquilizer. Chamomilla – as a tranquilizing action for restful sleep. Also raises low pain threshold. Nux vomica – Works well in many high strung, nervous, irritable people with stomach problems. Pulsatilla – Use for states of anxiety. BRUXISM Belladonna – Use for grinding problem that causes painful teeth. Podophyllum – Use for night grinding when experiencing a burning sensation of the tongue. Tuberculinum – Use for children who grind their teeth. GINGIVITIS PERIODONTITIS AND ALVEOLITIS Arsenicum album – Use for unhealthy, bleeding gums. China – Use for gum tissue that is bleeding. Ferrum phosphoricum – Use for poor gum tone or gums that bleed after brushing. Hypericum – Use for tender gum tissue and to promote healing. Kali chloricum – Use for acute ulcerative tissue. Naturium muriaticum – Tissue integrity. Hepar sulphuris – Tissue with suppuration, chronic abcesses. Silicea – Periodontal abscess with swollen glands. Staphysagria – Loose teeth, pain increased by pressure. Symphytum – Injuries to periosteum. Stimulates growth of epithelium on ulcerated surfaces. Mercurius solubilis – Use for acute ulcerative tissue with a coated tongue and metallic taste in the mouth. Nux vomica – Use for swollen painful gums when the back of the tongue has a whitish coating and when the patient consumes a lot of stimulants such as coffee and tea. Phosphorus – Use on swollen gums that bleed easily, and when there’s an overproduction of saliva. Ruta graveolens – Use for injured bone and alveolitis (“dry socket”). HEMORRHAGE Arnica – Use for bleeding accompanied by bruised soreness. Ferrum phosphoricum – Use when there is bright red bleeding. Phosphorus – Use for persistent bleeding. NEURALGIA Aconite – Trigeminal neuralgia Aranea diadema – Use for radiating pain in the right side of the face that is aggravated by cold. Also use for sudden, severe pain in the teeth at night after lying down. Cuprum metallicum – Use for cramping of muscles. Gelsemium sempervirens – Use to relieve headache and pain of the upper back and neck, which extends over the head and for dizziness and numbness. Ignacia – Use for headache as if a nail were driven through the side of the head. Lachesis – Left-sided complaints Lycopodium – Right-sided complaints Magnesia phosphorus – Use for spasmodic pains made worse by cold water and made better by heat and rubbing. Sanguinaria – Right-sided neuralgia-facial migraine. Spigelia – Use for pain involving the eye, cheek, and left temple areas. Zincum phosphoricum – Sharp pains on right side of head. Zincum valeriana – Sharp pains on left side of head. POST OPERATIVE DISCOMFORT Apis mellifica – Good for post-injection soreness after dental work. Chamomilla – Give one hour prior to dental appointrnent for patients with a low pain threshold. It also expedites the wearing off of the numbness following the dental appointment. Hypericum – Use where there is an injured nerve. Ledum – Use for puncture wounds and soreness resulting from a dental injection. Magnesia phosphorica – Use for stiff, sore jaws following prolonged dental work when the muscles are cramped and feel better with warmth. Staphysagria – Use for incision-type wounds after soft tissue surgery. Symphytum – Use for trauma of bone and periosteum. SALIVATION Baryta carbonica – Use when there is excessive saliva during sleep. Bryonia alba – Use for an extremely dry mouth, with dryness of mucous membranes and great thirst. Phosphorus – Use for hypersalivation and when gums are swollen and bleed easily. Pulsatilla – Use for diminished saliva with no thirst. TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT (TMJ) Arum triphyllum – Use for pain in joint on swallowing. Calcarea flourica – Use for hypermobile joints Calcarea phosphorica – Use when mouth cannot be opened without pain. Carbo vegetabilis – Use for vertigo with nausea and tinnitus. Chamomilla – Use for low pain threshold. Unbearable spasms of pain radiating into the ear. Cuprum metallicum – Use for trismus of muscles. Granatum – Use for painful cracking of the joint. Magnesium phosphorica – Use for muscle spasms. Phytolacca decanda – Use for earaches with pain extending into teeth, jaw, and throat. Rhus toxicodendron – Use for joint stiffness that improves with movement and for popping” of TMJ. TOOTHACHE Antimonium crudum – Use for a toothache that is worse at night and is aggravated by heat. Aranea diadema – Use for sudden, severe pain in the teeth after lying down. Belladonna – Use for throbbing tooth that’s worse when pressure is applied. Calcarea carbonica – Use for a toothache that worsens when exposed to hot or cold air. Chamomilla – Use for a toothache with intolerable pain that’s worse from warmth and not better with cold. Coffea cruda – Use for toothache that worsens with heat and is relieved by ice. Ferrum metallicum – Use for a toothache that is relieved by ice water. Magnesia carbonica – Use for a toothache that is worse at night, Patient must get up and walk about for relief. Magnesia phosphorica – Use for a toothache that is worse from cold and better from warmth. Plantago major – Use for a toothache that is better with pressure and worse without cold air. Pulsatilla – Use for a toothache that is relieved by holding cold water in the mouth. Staphysagria – Use for pain from major decay of a number of teeth. TOOTH ERUPTION Calcarea carbonica – Use for a delayed eruption. Chamomilla – Use for difficult teething. Zlncum metallicum – Use for teeth gritting during difficult eruption and associated with loose teeth and bleeding gums. ULCERATIONS Natrum muriaticum – Use for cold sores and fever blisters. Lips and corners of mouth dry and cracked lips. Nitricum acidum – Use for ulcers with irregular edges and a raw appearance with a tendency to bleed easily. Also kreosotum, Fluoric acid for dental fistula, Heckla lava, Amphisbaena vermicularis, etc;



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