HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDY AGNUS CASTUS Agnus Castus is a powerful homeopathic remedy to solve lower mental depression, weakness of penis, low sexual vitality and premature ejaculation. From the ancient time this remedy uses to solve both male and female problems. Especially it was used by the Roman woman. For several effective quality Agnus castus uses to solve some male diseases and it is popularly known as a seminal remedy. Core Symptoms of Agnus castus Main Symptoms 1,Head Symptoms of erotic melancholy, nervous about demise are very common.We also see despair together with effect regarding fast demise,absentminded, forgetful, insufficient daring. Optical illusion associated with smell-herrings, musk. Anxious depressive disorders in addition to mental forebodings 2,Face Pupils dilated and itching about eye 3,Nostril conditions Give an impression of sardines or musk, painful around dorsum better stress are the symptoms forNostril conditions. 4,Stomach ailments Symptoms of Agnus castus for stomach are - A sick stomach, spleen puffy, uncomfortable, stools soft, diminish, hard, deeply fissures in anal sphincter. 5,Men ailments Impotence, sections frosty, relaxed male organ, sexual weakness, Diminished prostatic fluid about pressuring, Testicles, cold, enlarged, tricky, and painful organ are the symptoms for Men ailments 6,Female problems Scanty menses, Abhorrence involving intercourse, Pleasure with reproductive organs, along with leucorrhoea, having dismay, Sterility, Leucorrhoea discoloration yellowish; obvious, Hysterical palpitations by using nose lose blood are core symptoms of Agnus castus for Female problems. Uses of Agnus castus Agnus castus is a God blessing for the newly married person. It removes the initial tension, nervousness and anxiety about sex. The people who are unable to perform a sexual intercourse Agnus castus helps them to restore their lost vitality. This homeopathic remedy is also used for troubles of the women’s reproductive process. It acts directly around the pituitary gland of the body and it normally helps to balance in the women’s hormone cycle. Some ailments including depression, fibroids, amenorrhea at the same time as irregular bleeding, spotting, weighty and regular bleeding, cystic hyperplasia with the womb lining, , any swelling of the physique around women’s period time and , breast pains must be removed using Agnus castus. This remedy was popularly used from the ancient time. Other illnesses which can react to this Agnus castus consist of mouth ulcers, acne and infertility. Victims of hormonal acne must get nice result when taking homeopathic mother tincture of this remedy in excess of a period of months. We also use Agnus castus for the following problems: 1. Ulcers 2. Worms 3. Acne 4. Colic 5. Diarrhea 3. Female infertility 7. Fever 8. Headache 9. Amenorrhea 10. Catarrh 11. Cholera 12. Dysmenorrhea 13. Indigestion 14. Ear disorders 15. Endometriosis 16. Heart Disease 17. Hemicrania 18. Rheumatism 19. Skin diseases 20. Malaria 21. Menopause 22. Nausea 23. Hemorrhoids 24. Liver disorders According to the suitable symptoms we use Agnus castus in various problems. Most of them I have mentioned above. But it is popularly used for making the sexual organ strong and to restore the lost vitality. It’s mother tincture and 200 potency is most powerful to solve any sexual weakness of married persons.



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