HOMOEOPATHY acts even on PSYCHIATRIC,NEUROLOGICAL,PSYCHOLOGICAL disorders- ailments Whether its anxiety,depression,bipolar disorder,substance abuse,INSOMNIA,MR,AUTISM,ADHD,psychological ailment etc.. When comparing the treatment percentage of allopathy & homoeopathy medicines for these ailments homoeopathy acts better as compare to allopathy my personal clinical experience of last 3years in different states under different doctors of both the background allopathy & homoeopathy, In my clinic also . when these type of patients came to me what I actually observe after long sessions of more than 1hour along with counseling, homoeopathic & psychiatric case taking these patients need time to catharsise themselves,they are actually taking treatment under allopathy which uttermost & most of the time not actually they need.. Drug dependency on psychotropic,antidepressive ,antiepileptic drugs Weaken their body like noother These patient actually need the care,affection,proper diet,bed rest,meditation section,natural treatment,open air,good friends,friendly climate,counseling sections under xperienced counselor,family-friends-society support which acts as a supportive therapy along with well selected HOMOEOPATHY MEDICINE..but not every homoeopath is been able to handle these type of cases esp. When the clinical & practical knowledge of homoeopaths only upto books & cold,cough.. Need to be perfectely train,learn in applied clinical homoeopathy 1 of the senior young known psychiatric physician from jammu with medical background who is working in a well reputed army hospital in jammu came to me with his problem of having his patient not been able to cure because he told me directly with his views with sincerity that sir we know that in allopathy we dont have any cure or proper treatment for these patient we are just managing it very well & in long term cases there seems to be much more complications with these drugs along with withdrawl symptoms & drug-dependency So,i am very much impressed with the way he told me the truth of the big pharma industry of these days which is simply based on business standard rather than cure based medicines... No more drug dependency,no harmful sideeffects.. dont take it as lightly as you think Homoeopathy has answer for even these type of ailments Homoeopathy medicines acts not only on physical but mental level too Treatment is purely on symptom symptomatology individualistic base which is rapid,gentle,permanent.. Consult your nearest genuine experienced registered homoeopathic physician. Dr.sahilmhc(multispeciality homoeopathic clinic)jammu Email-drsahilmhcclinicjammu HOMOEOPATH Professional COUNSELOR PSYCHOLOGIST DIETITION MENTAL HEALTH Profesional DRUG ABUSE-DRUG DE-ADDICTION EXPERT Plz SHARE YOUR VIEWS....


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I think 1.every disease has some reason behind it and in every pathy until unless Dr.don't identify cause of disease,he will not be able to treat it. Does not matter homeo,ayur,or allopathy. 2.So dr.expertness proves not pathy but trick of work. And every pathy is unique if disease is diagnosed otherwise not.3.homeopathy and ayurv.too have side effects but less than alopathy. 4.less experienced Dr.always say there is no treatment for ex.in some skin disorders but I think more and more work up is required...

Actions and reaction are equal and opposite, like this if there is no reaction there will be no action , hence every medicine (whether allopathic,ayuvdic unani homeopathic) has side effect(reactions) so homeopathic remedies wrongly chosen may cause side effects on health of patient most of the time either it is not noticeable or in long term may affect patients physiology, homeopathic remedies may also have dependency

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