How and what percentage of ethanol given in methyl alcohol poisoning ??


600 to 700 mg/kg oral or nasogastric stat dose. Then 60 to 150 mg /kg/hr maintainance dose as per toxicity of methyl alcohol. Chronic alcoholics require higher doses. Maintain level of ethanol as we 100 to 150 mg %

Empirically, 50% oral ethanol may be administered with a loading dose of 2 mL/kg followed by 0.2 to 0.4mL/kg per hour.

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Ethanol is the active ingredient in ‘spirited’ or alcoholic beverages. Ethanol content is typically described in terms of ethanol per volume, with 50% being equal to 100 proof. Each ‘drink’ contains approximately 15 grams of ethanol. A ‘drink’ can be a “shot” of 40% liquor, a glass of 12% wine, or a bottle of 5% beer.

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