How early heparin can improve hypoxia in Covid-19 patients?

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Early heparin therapy does improve hypoxia,in severe COVID- 19 patients by various explanations 1.Severe COVID patients are associated with markers,of coagulation disturbances like D- Dimer and independently linked to development of respiratory failure, hypoxia,and death and early use of heparin can prevent coagulation disturbances 2.SARS - COV - 2 instigates a cytokine storm which causes activation of coagulation cascade , various thrombotic phenomena and compromising adequate blood supply to many organs and lungs and so heparin use can prevent it 3.DIC plays a significant role in hypoxia and final outcome- heparin can prevent DIC 4.With heparin use capillary re- occlusion in lungs is prevented and significant PaO2 / FiO2 ratio is improved in first 3 days of heparin use

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As A prophylaxis to DIC

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