Malaria in Pregnancy


Artesunate may be administered to pregnant women in the second and third trimesters. Data are limited for use of artesunate during the first trimester of pregnancy; no harmful effects have been observed.

It can be given, tell me ur experiences if u have sir

2 point 4 gm 2vial of 120 12 hrly 2 point 4 2 vial of 120 mg repeat 24 hr ly 2 point 120 mg 2 Then od 3 days Total 9

Dilute & give 3 to 5 minutes iv

Total of 480 mg. 120 mg starting dose. On first day. Second & Third day

Artesunate 120mg stat Then 60mg bd from next day for 2 days Maintain fluid volume Patient will get a faster recovery Artesunate is quite safe during pregnancy n lactation

Total7 2 dose then 6 hr repeat 24 hr for 4 days

6 doses in devided doses

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