How many of u exercise regularly. In this busy hectic life. We doctors often neglect our own health



Never missed the bus I am 73 yrs My morning 1hr 40 mt are consumed by a set of exercises 30mts active exercises 40 mt yogic postures 10mt to 20mts for suryanamaskar Last 10mt for pranayams My schedule is for last 40yrs By grace of god uptill now no bp no sugar though many hurdles and heart breaking incidents churned my life Never compermised with values nor ethics of practice howsover hardships i faced and facing

Thanx Nihar Ranjan Mohanty

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I was actually very active in terms of excercise before the dreaded month of March. I was practising Yoga and pranayam. But with my fitness classes shut and online classes conducted, I am not very regular now. Although I try to catch up with my suryanamaskars atleast. But it is very very difficult. Especially with us women, when we have to manage the household chores and our practice.

Agree with u. In college I was myself calorie conscious. Since there was peer pressure to look good. But now I hardly give time to myself. Do hired a personal trainer on@ a friend advise. I think obesity will b the biggest illness in coming days maam.

Electronic world changed physical activities. But being sports physiotherapist I use to maintain my basic exercise regime 6days a week. My exercise protocol: * all joint mobility exercises * stretching the large muscle groups * brisk walk followed by running for 30 minutes. * plank for my core * functional stretching activities in working hours..

Yes doctor. We doctors do have a sedentary lifestyle. We need to take of our health too.

Sedentary life afternoon rest easy life whatever calculated risk we take in clinic so excercise must 40 minutes walk yoga wt lifting abdominal excercise wt lifting possible with water filled plastic or steel bottle 24 hr kither jata malum nahi padta

Sir obesity also is a type of malnutrition. We often are so lost in our patient. We hardly find time for ourselves n family. In the end most of us suffer. I think regular exercise help us beat profession related anxiety too.

Only 30 Min. Meditation, 30 Min. Running, 30 All Limb Movement, & 20 min Swimming,

Thanx @dr. Nihar ranjan Ji

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Thank you for bringing up this discussion.. very valid indeed...

Thank you doctor


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