How the child behaves in Doctor's chamber

⬆ Wants to hold mother’s neck- Silicea. ⬆ Wants to lean always- Calc carb. ⬆ Holds mother’s fingers and doesn’t leave even while physical examination- Bismuth. ⬆ Will not allow you to examine pulse- Antimonium tart. ⬆ Child talks, sings but will not answer when questioned- Agaricus. ⬆ Interrupts parents during doctor’s interview and corrects them- Lycopodium. ⬆ A child with bronchitis, likes to be carried inside in sitting position- Antimonium tart. ✅ School behavior and pattern of study- ⬆ Very sharp, quick to act- Lachesis. ⬆ Plays mischief on teachers- Zincum met, Lachesis. ⬆ Doesn’t sit in the classroom, keeps wandering, roaming- Tuberculinum. ⬆ Writing papers in exams very fast- Tuberculinum. ⬆ Crushes paper, throws it off, and writes again- Tuberculinum. ⬆ Tendency to fall asleep in class- Calcarea carb. ⬆ Good listeners- Natrum mur. ⬆ At home, child always sits leaning against wall and asks for pen kept at a short distance- Calcarea carb. ⬆ Pulls the hair of the kid sitting ahead of him in class- Medorrhinum, Tarentula. ⬆ In rage, hits on the nose of his friend- Merc sol. ⬆ Propensity to set things on fire and enjoys it, strikes the matchstick often- Hepar sulph. ⬆ Dictates the things to people around and they must obey him(Bullying)- Drosera. ⬆ Disobedient child- Chamomilla, Merc sol, Ammonium carb, Cina, Tarantula, Viola odorata, Lycopodium. ⬆ Child grows up into a completely different personality, talk philosophically, very mild, soft speech- Viola odorata. ⬆ Sings in class, sings anytime, loves to do so, makes his own rhymes, changes words from song, makes different verses- Stramonium. ⬆ It’s difficult to learn poems- Chamomila, Nux vomica, Sulphur. ⬆ Fluent in languages- Nux vomica. ⬆ Good at mathematics- Lachesis. ⬆ Loves science- Sulphur. ⬆ Loves to study at night- Lachesis ⬆ Hates mornings- Magnesia mur. ✅ Behavior- ⬆ Laughs on reprimands- Graphites. ⬆ Child spits when father scolds him- Stramonium. ⬆ Destroys the most expansive toys- Stramonium. ⬆ Loves singing- Stramonium.



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