Developmental Assessment


There are defined developmental milestones for every month upto 1 year, six monthly from 1-3 yrs and year wise after that till 18.... I can share the documents and links if you need .. While assessing developmental delay it is important to check if child was premature and the. Check for developmental milestones According to corrected age rather than chronological age upto 2 years... After 2 years of age , child is supposed to have caught up for prematurity and then milestones are chceked as chronological age.. Developmental milestones are assessed in the domains of physical that is gross motor and fine motor , sensori motor play, social-emotional, self acre and cognitive... Child should be appropriate for age in each domain... If delay is notice further investigation is warranted... Eg. Child showing delay only in speech domain may have autism , hence necessary to assess by developmental paediatrician or peadiatric neurologist to determine cause of delay... Early intervention shows best results... Wait and watch is not suited for children with delayed development...

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