How to calculate sodium bicarbonate correction in children ? Explain


Many books give different correction formulae. Some use 0.4 or 0.6 as constant. Some say correct over 4 hours. However remember it's pediatric age group and we should correct bicarb slowly as it may cause cerebral edema. At the same time correction of other parameters like shock and improved oxygenation will help in swift correction of acidosis

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Many neonatologist are against using sodium bicarbonate these days . mainly its like 0.3 bwBE . TO b given slowly diluted in distill water . this is half correction .

0.3 x body wt x bicarb deficit (i.e. 24 - observed) Use half of this in 8 hours. Do ABG again if good improvement noticed. Push rest half in 16 hours. Use Distilled water or 5D for dilution. Donot use NS as it will cause high rise in sodium in short interval. U may use bicarb bolus 2meq/kg over 1 hour if bicarb value is too low

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Base -Excess into wt in kg into 0.3 equal to bicarbonate

Use formula of bicrab calculation

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