How to control chronic constipation?????


Treatment of chronic constipation usually begins with diet and changes life style mean to increase the speed at which stool moves through the intestines. Lactose is the more effective for the CHRONIC CONSTIPATION. And also helpful Bisacodyl, Docusate etc for laxative and stool softer.

Thank you Sir@Dr. Satappa Patil .

To control chronic constipation, Adv the patient to consume Gandharva haritaki churna with lukewarm water Along with Abhayarishta,Sukhsarak vati,Abhayadi modak,Nityam churna,etc. Adv to take saindhav lavan and buttermilk. Avoid hetu sevan. Advice a fibre rich diet,and milk and ghee before bedtime. Adv vajrasana,mandookasana,and some yoga,and lukewarm water. Work on the vatanuloman (apaan vayu) and agni.@Dr. Satappa Patil

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