How to control moles

55/y/o female with moles on back and neck region since 5 years. 2 years ago she got them removed by cauterisation but again they started resurfacing within 3 months. There is no H/o any systemic disease Prakriti pitta kapha Agni samaya Mala nirama Jihva nirama



Common mole (also called acquired mole). Harmless moles that appear on the skin after birth. Most people have around 10-40 of these on their bodies. Having 50 or more increases the risk of melanoma. Atypical mole (also called dysplastic nevus). Moles that oftentimes have an odd shape, are larger than a pencil eraser and show more than one color. An atypical mole may look like melanoma but isn't. Suspect melanoma as per the details of image. Homoeopathically we treat the tendency to recurrent mole formation, which can help the patient. Cautery no matter how many times done is not going to solve the problem of patient. About Ayurveda fellow physician's will be able to guide you. picture source: internet

Thank you@Dr. Siya Ram ; Dr. @Shital Jadhav , @Dr. Palak Arora

Calendula Officinalis 8X HPUS ... Thuja occidentalis 8X HPUS: Remedy for moles and nevi Phytolacca Americana 8X HPUS: Remedy for skin tags, moles and warts Calendula Officinalis 8X HPUS: Promotes healthy skin and healing Geranium Maculatuum 8X HPUS: Relief for skin rashes, ulcers, unhealthy skin

@Dr. Drshalini K A . My repeated question to you, hope to receive a answer this time. Are the Ayurvedic Practitioner trained to understand the action of Homoeopathic medicine? This is to you , because of your suggested prescription which you though copied and pasted it is incomplete from You forgot to mention the warning mentioned in this. Who will be responsible if the Ayurvedic Practitioners accepts your prescription and treats the patient? Also, it is a combination medicine in the form of local application which will just suppress it but not cure it. And such suppressions have been continuously discouraged in Homoeopathic principles. Also, and such treatment have not given results in many countries they have started banning Homoepathy. Please don't discredit your science by not following principles.

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Tnx Dr Twara Aashish

Ya apart from homeopathy antimiasmatic medicine can work...

Use Thuja homeopathic medicine. it really works good

Dr. @Jyoti Bajpai Are you trained to prescribe this medicine and understand its actions. Please understand the principles of Homoeopathy are very unique. I have always requested the doctors practicing homoeopathy not to suggest Homoeopathic medicines to other pathies and request you to do so. You can surely take a help by Homoeopathic medicines through a registered Homoeopathic practitioner on his own prescription. Or may refer your patient to a homoeopathic practitioners. This applies vice-a-versa to homoeopathy or between any other pathy. This is in interest of safety of the practitioner and more on the patient side.

Thuja antisycotic medicine we may prescribe.

RX Antim crud , Thuja occ , Calcaria carb

लेजर तकनीक से लाभ होगा।

Antim curud

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