How to deal with migrain in pregnancy?


Beginning with the simplest and safest medication options, acetaminophen. Sumatriptan or rizatriptan can be used in pregnancy if your migraines are not helped by the medication listed previously. There is less information available about the use of other triptans in pregnancy, UNDER STRICT SUPERVIDION OF GYNECOLOVIST

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acetaminophen (Tylenol®) and metoclopramide (Reglan®), which can help relieve nausea and pain, are the safest medications to take.” She adds that some obstetricians may prescribe ondansetron to treat severe nausea “and consider it to be safe.”

Avoid stress. Avoid light . Keep calm . Drink fluids adv pcm 500mg sos. If not den to consult gynea expert for other migraine treatment.

Betablocker with domcet safer option

Plenty of water intake... application of sunthi churna over forehead will relieve headache...

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