How to diagnose pathology behind midnight sour eructations

45/y/o with complain of sour eructations at midnight since 3 months and disturbed sleep from past 3 weeks. From 3 months she is working from home having home cooked food but has developed this issue accompanied by acidity after having meals. No h/o DM, htn or other systemic diseases Appetite increased Bowel sometimes incomplete evacuation Micturation sometimes burning sensation usually normal Prakriti vata kapha Agni tikshna




Vayo ahoratri buktanam the antya madhya adhigaha kramath|| Very basic principle of Ayurveda itself gives us an idea about sour eructations at midnight So the best line of treatment would be Pitta shamana Chikitsa. Here in this case tikshna agni& sometimes burning sensation during Micturition also support to finalize the doshic involvement (as Pitta dosha) Rx, Kamadhuga with muktha/ Pravala panchamrutta rasa 2tid Anuloma DS 0-0-1 a/f for proper bowel evacuation Once the anumati gati of apana vayu is been corrected automatically all other dosha will get normalized (pittam pangu kapham pangu pangavo mala dhatavaha...) Development of acidity after meals should be more specified by proper history so that it would be easier to arrive at final diagnosis DD -b/w Annadrava shoola and Parinama Shoola

Healthy marital status,most important thing, stress needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice,laugh,be a contented person...

Very aptly suggested by Dr. Mohanty and Dr. Misra. Advise lifestyle modification and it should be taken care of if not than further evaluation can be done by endoscopy of upper git.

Thanks Dr.Twaraji

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late night meal, spicy meal, low body workout or mobility hamper digestion Modifications of these habits may benefit If not resolve, may suspect any underlying disease

Through dietary habits of patients we can diagnose. I.e.Spicy, junk, oily ,packed and fermented foods tea,Tobbaco and alcohol. Late night dinner. changing routine etc.

Dear Dr. Vinod Mahajan Sir, Advice for the case. Advice to take dinner early . Avipattikar churna. Tab. Kamdudha ras muktayukta.

Thanks@Dr. Twara Aashish

Avipattikar churna 3gm+ Kamdudha rasa 250mg+ Praval pishti 500mg (take 1tds) Kushmandak rasayan 10gm BD

sarpagandha vati 2HS, and mukta pisti+amruta satva, and madiphala rasayan.

Why Sarpagandha? @Jyoti Bajpai ma'am can you please elaborate?

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Acute gastric oesohysial refluxes and syp diegene and pantop-d tab

Ask to do not eat more spicy oily junk fermented food , ask to eat little at small interval, ask to do not eat at time full meal ...ask to eat more vitaminious fiberous food .ask to do exercises + ask to sleep with Elivated head at night....else.....apart from homeopathy N.p ,N.v. c.v , china , lyco phos like medicine can work such type of cases...

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