How to differentiate between allergic and bacterial conjunctivitis ?



allergic conjunctivitis abrupt any time not contagious relieved it self while bacterial contagious chronic painful swelling depend upon season and temperature

In allergic con Itching watery or mucoid discharge congestion on bulbar side seasonal and other allergy associated fleshy mass in chronic near limbus mostly in young In bacterial discomfort and redness purulent discharge and sticky lids congestion in fornix membrane on palpebral conjunctiva

basic difference in allergic and bacterial conjunctivitis is history and clinical examination . typical H/O sudden redness watering with itching may be seasonal goes for allergy , where as in bacterial much purulent sicky discharge eyelash matting with redness with pain and discomfort. congestion in allergic limits to mai ly in balbar exposed part and in bacterial starts from fornix .

Allergic Conjunctivitis: etching, redness ,watering sudden onset

Bacterial Conjunctivitis.Watering , sticky discharge

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allergic hallmark is itching and bacterial hallmark purulent discharge

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