How to manage dens in dente ?


Dens evaginatus occurs primarily in persons of mongoloid descent and affects the premolars evagination of the layers of the tooth germ results in the formation of a tubercle that arises from the occlusal surface and consists of enamel dentin and pulp tissue . This tubercle tends to break when it occludes with the opposing dentition and result in pulp exposure and sub sequent pulp necrosis . Dens invaginatus occurs mainly in maxillary lateral incisors and ranges in severity form an accentuated lingual pit to a "dens in dente" this phenomenon is caused by investigation of the layers of the tooth germ .Food traps in The pit ,and caries begin early.

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-Dens in denge is a developmental anomaly that show a wide rang of the spectrum. - The clinician should be aware of the presence of dens invaginatas .Of it has the potential of causing apical inflammation disease. Treatment of dens in dente depends on the extent and severity of the lesion . The treatment modalities of dens in dente range from conservative restorative procedures to non surgical root canal therapy , endodontic surgery international replantation ,or finally . Extraction on Radiographic examination ,a large periapical Radiolucent area was present in Relation to both the teeth 21or 22

prophylactic or preventive sealing of the invagination

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