How to manage this fracture ?

65, Male, No comorbidities Chief Complaints A bike collided him while walking alongside a road leading to disabilng pain. Vitals Stable. Investigations Attached. Diagnosis What's your diagnosis ? Management What should be the actual management ? If patient can't afford OT cost then is there any option for conservative management ?



#inferior ramus pubis As well as superior ramus is # it is in alignment and will heal in due course of time Inferior ramus is displaced and need reduction but can be managed conservatively Ensure there is no uretheral tear otherwise pt will have leakage and incontinence of urine Pt need to remain in pelvic cast for minimum 3 months Beside this he is to be supplemented with vitd3 calcium Rest of supportive treatment After decasting he will need physiotherapy

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I don't think at the age of 65 Unioning of fracture would be satisfactory. Consult Sr.Orthopedic surgeon in vew of surgical option.

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Pubic rami fracture Rule out Urethral injury Pelvic ring look okay CT pelvis desirable If uncomplicated otherwise,can be managed by bedrest for six weeks

Sir, fracture is clearcut in x-ray. So what's the need of CT ? Thank you sir for prompt answer.

Fracture superior and inferior Remus of pubis Req orthopaedic opinion

I am agree with@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal Sir.

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Fracture inferior ramus of the pubis

Inferior Ramus is Displaced

I agree with dr.shivraj Agarwal