How to overcome anger when after explaining very grave prog relatve ask about timing of discharge


It means 1) they have not understood the gravity of situation, so we need to explain some more. 2) They understand the problem but they do not want treatment, for financial and other reasons , 3) They want to move the patient elsewhere, but they do not want to tell us..So let them go ..

Thank you,Doctor

Keep your perspective straight. The anger usually isn't about you — even if the patient believes it is. Assess your safety. ... If at all possible, sit. ... Acknowledge the anger. ... Get to the real source of concern. ... Then, stay silent and listen. ... Ask what he would like for you to do; then negotiate. ... Offer an alternative outlet.

Pt & relative very smart they don't trust what they use to our duty is explain gravity situation taking in writing so you can save your skin

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