how to read chikitsa in samhita

before discussing the Ayurvedic management of various types of Kwara,I would like to discuss about this topic ' how to read chikitsa' in samhita. as we all study in charak samhita sutra istan 1 that the lord Indra gave the knowledge of Ayurveda to the risi bhardwaj in the form of "Tri sutra ayurveda". Indra summaries the vast knowledge of Ayurveda in "Tri sutra ayurveda". Tri sutra ayurveda includes hetu,ling and aushad. on the basis of these Tri sutras all the chikitsa is written in our samhita. so to treat a disease in ayurveda we should first know the hetu,ling nd aushad of that disease. In ayurveda any disease have two types of hetus one is sharirik hetu and another is mansik hetu.just like hetus,ling of the disease are also of two types i.e sharirik nd mansik. knowledge of only hetu nd ling is not sufficient to treat a disease. To treat a disease we must know about the aushad also. In charak samhita sutra istan 1, three types of chikitsa is mention one is दैवव्यपाश्रय second is युक्तिव्यपाश्रय nd third is सत्वाजय चिकित्सा। out of these 3 types of chikitsa दैवव्यपाश्रय चिकित्सा+युक्तिव्यपाश्रय चिकित्सा is use to treat sharirik hetu nd सत्वाजय चिकित्सा is use to treat mansik hetu.

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Dear Dr. Km Bhawana, These are three types of said chikitsa.