How to remove bugs from ear

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The bug will die if you cut off its oxygen suppy by using oil or water, but it's struggle to survive might cause it to bite and cause trauma to the extremal ear and/or tympanic membrane, as i have seen in several referred cases. Ideally one should visit an ENT specialist and get it removed under vision. However if you do perform syringing, do not do it in a patient with a pre-existing tympanic membrane perforation.

By putting few drops of oil in ear and removal with instrument or syringing

Put few drops of oil and then wash the ear with lukewarm water by syringe

Give Waxonil ear drop three times daily and then remove it by stringing


Put some oil or ear drops and the do syringing

If an insect does crawl into your nose or ear, the worst thing that can happen is an infection (rarely, it can spread from the sinuses to the brain). ... And in most places, the odds of waking up with an insect inside you are slim

Simple edeble oil's few drops and such thru syringe.. Waxsolve drops...with a tibiotic .

Consult ENT specialist for removing the bugs without any further complications

Good question immediately put oil in ear so bug dies then syringing

Thank you doctor
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