How to treat alcohol addiction and what is the treatment of alcohol withdrawl ?

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In many cases, alcohol withdrawal requires medical treatment and hospital admission. Medication may also be used to treat physical symptoms while counselling and support groups help with controlling drinking behaviour.. Benzodiazepines remain the agents of choice.. As part of nutritional support, thiamine and folic acid should be routinely administered..

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there is two type of treatment - 1.withdrawals treatment-संजीवनी वटी,अश्वगंधा चूर्ण अश्वगंधारिस्ट गोदन्ती मिश्रण,योगराज गुग्गुलु आदि 2.anti craving medicines-संजीवनी वटी ,शुद्ध कुचला,हरीतकी प्रयोग

Pork turkey method for deaddiction...Tab dislfiram can be used but with precautions....BZDs for withdrawal...chlordiazepoxide 25 TDS....psychiatric opinion n rehabilitation in sum cases