How to treat CELLULITIS of leg?

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Depends upon the severity of cellulitis.... For mild/moderate cellulitis conservative treatment is enough. For severe cellulitis , longitudinal incisions given along the limb to relieve compartment pressure. Along with... 1) Foot end elevation 2) Regular dressings under aseptic conditions 3) Antibiotics depends upon the culture and sensitivity 4) Control the blood sugar levels 5) Antipyretics & Analgesics 6) High Protein diet 7) Monitor vitals PR,BP, Temparature, saturation incase of severe cellulitis 8) Careful look into blood sugars, CBP ,RFT, LFT, Urine analysis

Cellulitis means infection 9f sof5 tissues Causes may be any th8ng from A to Z Hence to decide the line of treatment will also depend as per aetiology as well coexisting conditions like diabetes etc which will need simultaneous good control Painful infective cellulitis having throb8ng pain needs incision and drainage While inflammatory cellulitis can be managed by conservative ice packs antiinflamatory and broadspectrum antibiotics Again antibiotics to be selected as per likely organism involved So it is a broad based question to answer

treat as dust Varna chikitsha suggested bu Acharya Susrut.Avoid day sleep,non veg.,fatty food,and milk products.clean the wound by Panchvalkal Kawath morn.,eve. Drupan by sarsap,neem Petra Ghrat ,and rock salt twice daily. Asgadha churan 2g with milk Apply leech lastly after getting done BT,CT,HB.

We need to evaluate the depth of cellulitis Based on the severity of cellulitis we treat Initially requires antibiotic either iv or oral based severity Need dual antibiotics Both gram +ve and - ve coverage And there may be need of debridement Regular dressing and and need to see that more protein diet is given

Leg raising R/0 DM hb1ac Xray Better iv aug amikacin metrogyl Local application of mgso4 DD r/0 fascitis

Antibiotic analgesic

Broad spectrum antibiotics

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