how to weaning 2 year girl child?? how to stop breast milk production?

a 25 year female come in Opd Chief Complaints breast tenderness due to milk production History she wants her 2 year child without breastfeeding Management how to weaning this girl child?? how to manage this breast tenderness?? how to stop breast milk production???




If it's getting difficult for mother to continue with breastfeeding then tell her to try to shorten the frequency of breastfeeding over time and increase frequency of complementary foods. Give the baby healthy food items instead of artificial baby food products. The milk production will reduce over time. There are medicines too like cabergoline to stop milk production.

Put her on cabergolin .25 mg bid for 2 days

Why u want to stop breast feeding??,It’s good for mother as well child,+Arrange Complimentary food for baby.There are Medicine which can suppress milk production, but why to use.??In my opinion breast feeding to be done as long as it is produced...

Child give artificial milk powder For breast tenderness Augmentin BD Zerodol sp BD Rbson D BD For stop milk production Tab cabgolin (0.5) OD__(2)

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