importance fasting sugar level vs 2 hr sugar level in diabetes



In diabetic pt ,already on antidiabetic medication, increased fasting level suggests night dose is tob adjusted and if ppbs is more u have to adjust the dose of medicine accordingly- breakfast dose or lunch or dinner dose.

To confirm the severity of diabetes & weather patient is diabetic or not

Both are important to manage the Blood SUGAR level

Thank you doctor

These two different levels of bsl reflects utilisation of endogenous utilisation of insulin in two different situations ie 1 at fasting levels should be ia a range of 100to110mg if it is more than 120 to be considered as fasting hyperglycaemia ie insufficient glucose utilization and sugar levels are increased mainly reflecting underutilised insulin Where as 2hrs after food bsl level rang bet 120 to 140mg if levels are higher it is considered as postparandial hyperglycemia and suggest diet related and under production of endogenous insulin This differentiation helps in treating diabetes and selecting OHA accordingly in required doses or insuiating insulin or both One needs a deep insight and skill on subject

Thanx dr Ramesh Kumar Singh

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Both are equally important from diagnosis as well as management point of view.

Thank you doctor

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