How we get shoulder movt. faster

A patient had a cervical operated for compression at. C4-c5 level . Now the chief complain of patient is not moving hand from shoulder.. But the elbow and wrist are normal in movement. We r trying to treat with all type of physio But still we r not getting fast recovery of shoulder joint. So any special or specific treat ment for shoulder Pls give suggestion..



- The neck is very sensitive and highly complex, so neck surgery recovery time will vary depending on your physiology, the kind of surgery that is performed, and more. - Unfortunately, is there is no straight forward answer to how long does it take to recover. - Three important components of the therapy are scapular stability, cervical stability, and functional activity. - Dowel exercise will helpful .

If this the case of comprehensive neuropathy with flaccid paralysis more than 6 month old then prognosis is very poor.. You also consider the status of muscle wasting.