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How, why & whom to aware about mental health. Just this moment idea came to me when the husband coming from remote area asked why this mental illnes affected my wife. They were far away from education. So who needs awareness ? Only promoting knowledge among the doctors have any benifit to the mass ? The answer from my side is NO or organizing conferences ? Again NO. Then how to make general or specially to remote area people aware of mental problem. I couldn't answer my patient.

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The answer to this question is organizing FREE CAMPS in the remote areas on WEEKLY BASIS. I am going to start this in my District Banka, with 11 Blocks. I am going to do free camps in all the blocks on WEEKLY BASIS. I am working under DMHP. So, I have an adequate Government Backup to do this, with free consultations & free medicines. So, it is quite possible under District Mental Health Programme (DMHP).

Thank you doctor

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Hi doc though this is not my speciality but happiness is the essential quest of every human being.Physical,mental and emotional fitness together creates magic.Going to pshychaitrist still has some precincieved notions attached. I feel extensive campaign is needed on various digital,platforms,news papers ,schools,Televesion....even villagers have access to mobiles.Just talking about it will create a mass awareness.As a leading professionals do share your opinions,educate the society.Thanks .keep spreading mental fitness.

Thankds doc

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