Acute Coronary Syndrome-STEMI

HTN,T2DM,ACS-Ant wall STEMI,LV Dysfunction, LVEF 24%,Mild MR,Diabetic Retinopathy with D.Nephropathy. Chief Complaints A 51 yr old female attended Emergency with chest pain and SOB since 10 days with associated Diaphoresis and 2 episodes of vomiting. She is K/C/O HTN,T2DM,Hemorrhoids. No H/O Thyroid disorder or Substance Abuse. Her General Examination and Systemic Examination was normal except for basal crepts in chest. Her old ECG shows ST elevation in ant septal leads with Q waves and reciprocal ST depression in inf-lat leads. Pt was admitted and routine Ix along with 2D ECHO and Trop I was advised. Her Trop I was 40K and 2D ECHO showing Dilated LV,Global Hypokinesia with LVEF of 24%,Mild MR,LV Dysfunction. Her Funduscopy was done showing NPDR. USG W/A showing Renal parenchymal disease. Pt was managed conservatively and being referred for Coronary Angiography and further Management.


After Cardiologist consultation also will cosult Surgeon for any abdominal operation required.? Blood sugar sud be monitored regularly and requirement of Insulin therapy sud be judged by the attending physician.

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