Hy all, This is my RVG, tooth number 24. I underwent RCT in 2011. Now, I'm having sensitivity and lateral Tender on percussion. A cyst can be seen on IOPA, also the doc has obturated only 1 canal and in other canal GP is short. Please suggest me what shall be the best treatment option for me. Shall i go for apicetomy and enucleation? Or for Re-RCT?


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Its a periapical abscess Canal is underobturated As you said one canal has not been obturated. No need for apicectomy. Re Rct alone will suffice Your tooth is tender on lateral percussion and also there is sensitivity which cud be because of bone loss also both on the mesial and distal side. Go for oral prophylaxis and deep curettage Use a densensitizing agent

@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana need your expert opinion. As i mentioned, this is my tooth, tooth no 24. Kindly tell the best treatment option for me.

Missed your request somehow.. hope you are doing better now.

Periapical abscess.. tender on percussion lateral side bone loss is the cause. Re RCT and periodontal therapy

This is a failure RCT case. nothing to worry it happens sometimes..it's better to do re RCT under antibiotic coverage..the tooth will be saved.


This is a failure RCT case

The tooth is underobturated. .canal is not prepared till the apex.ask the dentist to go for a Re- RCT. Episectomy wch u have mentioned is done only when the filling material (gutta percha) exceeds the root of the tooth and causes infection.so best treatment for u is going for a re rct treatment.

Better option is Re-Rct with apicoectomy

This is the case of faulty ect. First of all removed gp. Than oftergive some medication. Antibiotics, analgesic, antimicrobial, multivitamin 3to5 day. Then heart the rest RCT

Periapical abcess Apicectomy Re rct

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