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Centrally acting analgesics Since belongs to opioid group hence all adverse reactions are due to central action Addiction and hebit formation beside poentiation of likewise molecules Good update


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Good drug limited use advisable not to exceed 50mg dose is10 to20 mg it is opioid cancer pt burn pt myocardial infarction pt you may require

Try to avoid unless no.other remedy give relief

Valueable update. But extremely limited utility that too under hospitalized conditions.

Limited prescription to real patients otherwise it can cause more damage than relief.

Thanks Dr Manoja Raulo

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Thank you for updating with latest Drug. Very helpful

Valuable update


New molecule for relief of severe pain and antitussive action by central action.it may be very much useful for opium withdral symptoms but in low doses.then titrate the dose according to severity.

Opiod group centrally acting good for pain relief

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